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Biomed Technologies is on the move!

Today, November 19, 2010, Biomed Technologies is relocating it's office. We outgrew our old location at 231 Espanong Road in Lake Hopatcong. Our new address is 111 Howard Blvd., Suite 100B, Mt Arlington, NJ 07856. We are excited about this move because the space has almost 3 times the square footage of the old location. The new space was totally renovated to our specifications. Lots of windows to bring in natural light. Very open floor plan, all new technician workbenches and lighting, new tools, new cubicles, lots of new shelving, plenty of new electrical outlets, printers, and a good sized shipping and receiving room with roll-up door.

The logistics of the move was well planned. The movers had a large crew. They began packing early Friday morning. By about 3:00, the trucks left to deliver everything to the new building. The trucks were unloaded Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday were unpack and set-up days. Monday morning there were a few minor issues but for the most part, the move went well. There was someone that continued to answer the phones and field service continued as usual. The move was absolutely seamless to our customers. That was the goal. Months of planning had payed off!

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