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2014 Surgery Center Conferences

Q & A Session: Keith Kimble - Biomed Technologies

MOUNT ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 - Biomed Technologies had the pleasure of exhibiting and sponsoring at several conferences recently. Keith Kimble, Director of Biomed Technologies, sat down for a Q & A Session to give his tradeshow season wrap-up.

Q. Tell us a bit about your tradeshow season this year.

A. Biomed Technologies had a busy conference schedule this year, displaying at 3 within as 5-week period. This was our 5th year at NJAASC (New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers) and PASA (Pennsylvania Ambulatory Surgery Association), and our first at SCC (Surgery Center Coalition).

Q. What do you like most about exhibiting?

A. I really enjoy attending these conferences. Where else is there an opportunity to see and speak with so many people from NJ and PA surgery centers? Getting direct feedback on our performance is invaluable!

Q. What approach does Biomed Technologies have as a vendor?

A. I have always heard that conferences are boring for the vendors. Many go because they have too, and it shows. Yes, conferences can be boring, talking "biomedical" can be boring. My approach is different. Keep it a little fun and upbeat. Last year we had pink flamingos as giveaways. This year the theme was Superhero's, so we gave away Super hero stress relievers. That, and a little levity, goes a long way.

Q. Can you share a highlight from one of this year's conferences?

A. Seeing people that I haven't seen in years, and their warm embraces, make attending these conferences enjoyable for me. But I have to say, the highlight was at the NJAASC when the administrators from two of our centers (both long-term customers) visited our table at the same time. They started going back-and -fourth with: "I've been with them longer....NO, I've been with them longer.....NO, I'VE been with them longer.......". Thought I would never say this in life, Ladies, Ladies, there is enough to go around! Seriously though, I have to wonder what the other vendors thought. Thanks Linda and Bonnie.

Q. What message do you have to those attendee you connected with?

A. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello! We spoke with several administrators with centers we are currently not serving. I look forward to continuing these discussions with each of you.


About Biomed Technologies

Since 1988, Biomed Technologies has been providing high quality biomedical services to the healthcare community performing expert on-site service, calibration, preventive maintenance and safety inspections on all makes and models of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, laboratory,, and infection control equipment. Headquartered in northwest New Jersey, on-site services are offered throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, as well as nationwide depot repair services. For more information, visit .

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