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Romeo Puertollano

My name is Romeo. I’m one of the newer members to the office. Has it been a year now? Time flies! Even then, I should introduce myself; there are still plenty of facts even my coworkers do not know about me.

One thing jumps to mind: I am always up for a good story. A book. A movie. New hits. Old classics. Time is short, so most of my reading is for work—something technical, something engineering—but I usually find a way to sit down and get some reading. When I do, I end up dabbling across all sorts of genres: Political thrillers: space westerns; traditional sword and sorcery. I’ve seen all sorts of detective fiction; sci-fi; horror; historical what-ifs. I blame the local library and my college media center. Something was always at hand, growing up!

Now of course, I haven’t read everything, but progress is all in the baby steps. Recently I started a little project to catch up on all those 1950’s pulp fiction heroes. There’s Robert Howard and his Conan the Barbarian stories. Jack Valance and his Dying Earth series. H.P. Lovecraft and his …. eccentric plots. I’ll get through them all eventually.

So there you have it. You can probably picture me now in a cozy study, reading by the fireplace. Throw in one of those luxury robes and a fez to finish the image! Very distinguished, and not entirely accurate, but definitely an eventuality. We’ll just keep that one in the bucket list.

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