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Tatyana Rossa

As the Office Manager at Biomed Technologies, most customers will know me by the sound of my voice picking up the phone lines. My role involves managing Front Office operations along with finding areas of efficiency to assist in BmT’s continued growth. With a background in Marketing, I have also led BmT’s outreach in areas of Social Media, Direct Marketing, and Public Relations.

Anyone who knows me can attest that I am a passionate Cruise Aficionado. If I am not on a cruise, I’m always counting down the days to my next! Not only do I enjoy everything cruising has to offer, I am also fascinated by its logistical operations and the industry as a whole. Being out in the open ocean surrounded by hundreds of miles of water from all sides is a very humbling and freeing experience.

Aside from cruising, planning cruises, talking about cruising, keeping up on cruise news, reminiscing over past cruises, and reading cruise publications, I spend much of my spare time with my soon-to-be husband and our wonderful dog Bella.

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