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Kevin Ippolitto

I've been with Biomed technologies for almost 12 years. Being the longest employed tech, I have seen our company and our customers grow tremendously. When I started working for Keith I didn't know what Biomed techs did. The company only had three employees and a small office. Keith and the senior techs taught me everything I know and I'm continuing to learn every day.

We have since moved to a large office with a full repair shop, eight techs and an administrative staff to assist us. Training new employees and watching them become successful has been rewarding for both the company and myself.

I now handle all the company's veterinary anesthesia work as well as the Drager anesthesia accounts and most NYC dialysis center inspections. A busy schedule keeps days moving quickly with no time for distraction.

Traveling is my hobby and I have enjoyed backpacking as much as work will allow. I plan to do more traveling this year, always exploring a new destination. Playing pool with friends and home improvement projects fill my free time in the evenings and on weekends.

I plan to grow further with Biomed Technologies helping them achieve their goal in excellence, servicing the needs of our customers.

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